A new collection from the celebrated first Young People’s Poet Laureate and bestselling poet Jack Prelutsky, featuring more than one hundred original poems!

Hard-Boiled Bugs for Breakfast is guaranteed to make readers laugh, imagine, write, and dream.


From a lizard playing a mandolin (although not very well) to the surprised guest of honor (at a birthday party he threw for himself), there’s something for everyone in Jack Prelutsky’s Hard-Boiled Bugs for Breakfast. Illustrator Ruth Chan’s lively and hilarious black-and-white art jumps off the page and illuminates a wide array of poetic forms, from haiku to concrete poems and everything in between.

This collection is full of the wit, humor, and imagination that has made Jack Prelutsky a household name and one of the most beloved poets for children. His poetry books for kids include such favorites as A Pizza the Size of the Sun and The New Kid on the Block.

"What do pandas who make stir-fry, a bike with no pedals, New Year’s resolutions, and perturbed vegetables have in common? Not much, but they sure are a hoot! . . . With steady rhymes and consistent meter, Prelutsky employs his characteristic wordplay, humor, and absurdism. . . . Chan’s grayscale cartoons . . . add wry amusement and often enhance the poems’ textual meanings. . . . A quick-witted delight.” -- Kirkus Reviews STARRED REVIEW

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