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Ruth loves a good party, and would love to party with your school, library, or conference!  As a former teacher and education administrator, Ruth has over a decade of experience working with and presenting to children and adults.  She knows how much kids and adults alike need those movement breaks!


Elementary & Middle School

When presenting to children PreK - 8th grade in large groups, Ruth talks about how she went from being a young author/illustrator to an adult, professional author/ illustrator.  She discusses the concepts of inspiration, the basic elements of a story, creativity, the importance of making mistakes and the value of practice, using her own books as examples.  Ruth then walks students through her art-making process and reads one of her picture books before giving an interactive drawing demonstration, and ends with Q&A. Limited to 80 students per presentation (ideal groups size is 40).

Ruth also offers small group workshops where she breaks down and scaffolds various elements of book-making through developmentally appropriate hands-on activities and discussion. From developing a character to creating a narrative story arc, from walking students through sketches into final art or, to breaking down the process of publishing, Ruth draws on her education background to engage and excite students. Limited to one class per workshop.

High School & Adults

When presenting to high school students and adults, Ruth discusses her path to publication, her creative process, and strategies she's picked up along the way in regards to writing, illustrating, and navigating the publishing industry. 

Signing Books

Ruth is happy to personalize and sign books at her appearances. She encourages ordering books through your local bookstore, or they can also be ordered directly through the publisher. Education and bulk order discounts are often available through the publisher.

Full Day Visits include three presentations and a book signing.

Single Presentation Visits include one presentation or workshop and a book signing. These are only available in the NY Tristate area, or Toronto, Canada.

Unfortunately, Ruth is not accepting invitations for the 2023-2024 school year.  If you'd like to know more about cost, have questions, or are interested in arranging an event for the 2024-20, please contact Ruth directly at




Our Kindergarteners loved Ruth's visit! Ruth was warm and engaging and her presentations were both educational and entertaining. She did a great job of explaining the drawing and book-making process and making it understandable and accessible for our youngest students. The kids loved her energy and enthusiasm. We will definitely be inviting her back. 

                -  Robin Rosenthal, P.S 32 Parent and Meet the Author/Illustrator Coordinator, Brooklyn, NY

Meadow Glens Elementary was treated to an awesome event with author, Ruth Chan.  Ruth was very engaging.  She knew just how to manage our youngest students. It was obvious that she had a teacher background.  She created excitement around her book, Mervin the Sloth. She shared her talent of illustration by drawing Mervin for the students.  I loved how she asked the students for their input!  She made quite an impression as all of her books continue to be checked out daily.  Thank you Ruth!

                 - Julie Kassen, LRC Director, Meadow Glens Elementary, Naperville, IL

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