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Georgie the cat loves throwing parties for his friends. All his parties have balloons, lights, delicious cake, and most importantly, everyone has an unforgettable time.

One day, Georgie decides to throw the ultimate bash, so he puts on his party hat and races through the city to invite his best buds... who are all too busy to come. But Georgie soon learns that you can always count on your friends to be there for you... and sometimes they might even bring cake!

With a heartwarming story and adorable art, this charming, funny, super cute picture book debut invites readers to meet Georgie and Friends―and find the answer to the most important question of the day: Where's the Party?


“Both parents and children will delight in characters’ quirky one-liners and the surprise ending―the greatest party of all. A tale of generosity and friendship best paired with cake, of course.” ―Booklist

“Georgie is pretty doggone adorable . . . definitely a charmer.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Chan's ink-and-watercolor illustrations are full of playful details to enjoy, and her animals' anxious expressions and lumpy-lanky bodies create a cast of friends who can be idiosyncratic and insecure, yet are confident to be themselves.” ―Publishers Weekly

“A fun and endearing offering for cake and pickle lovers everywhere and party-loving friends to share.”. ―School Library Journal

“Young readers will delight at tracing Georgie’s path through the aerial-view illustration of the Brooklyn-ish neighborhood, and readers of all ages will enjoy the pleasing illustrations.” ―

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