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From children’s book creator and elementary school librarian Travis Jonker, with art from critically acclaimed illustrator Ruth Chan, Caboose is a hilarious picture book all about the antics of classroom line up.

Every kid knows the joy of being line leader. You can make the line go fast. You can make the line go slow. You can stop suddenly and make the line crash—oh, the power! Cedric has all sorts of tricks to make sure he’s first in line. There’s the fast walk, the slow run, the shoulder tap, the slingshot, and so much more. But when Cedric’s line leader antics go too far, he’s banished to the back of the line. The very back of the line.

Now that Cedric’s the caboose, he must hatch a whole new world of hijinks. The turtle walk, the step back, the cloak of invisibility, the “no, no, after you!” The possibilities are endless!

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